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Type of Governors


As Governors, we are elected and appointed to reflect the various sections of the community which have an interest in our school.


The Diocese appoints the school’s Foundation Governors which, as a Catholic School, make up the majority of the Governing Body. Parents and Teachers elect Governors to represent their interests and one Governor is appointed by the local authority.


Foundation Governor


Our Foundation Governors represent the interests of the Diocese and ensure the continuing Catholic ethos and vision of the school.  These positions are advertised when a vacancy arises and are applied for.  The Diocese makes the appointment.


Parent Governor


Parents of pupils registered at the school are eligible to stand for election as a Parent Governor. They are elected as and when a vacancy arrives by other parents at the school and represent the parent body.


Staff Governor


The Head teacher is automatically eligible to be a full member of the Governing Body by virtue of their office. Both teaching and support staff who are paid to work at the school are eligible to stand as staff governors. They are elected by other members of the staff at the school.


LA Governor


Local Authority governors are appointed Warwickshire County Council local authority and are appointed from the local community.


Associate Members


Whilst not Governors, Associate Members provide governing bodies with additional expertise and perspective.


The Governing Body of St Gregory’s values and promotes engagement with carefully selected individuals, who add value into a particular project or area of development.


The appointment of an Associate Members is also a key part of our succession plan, as it gives them the opportunity to assess whether school governance is for them.

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