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Year 2

Autumn Year 2 Curriculum information



PE - on Wednesdays - full PE kit please including pumps and socks.

Swimming - on Fridays.


Reading - please read with your child as often as you can.  Even if a book has been read, reading it again, talking about it and answering questions will be very helpful for your child to improve their fluency and comprehension.


Maths Key Skills -

  • Rapid mental addition of single digit numbers
  • 10, 5 and 2 times tables
  • counting in 10s from any number
  • counting in 3s from 0 (forwards and backwards)
  • number bonds to 20 ( addition and subtraction facts)
  • working out new facts from known ones e.g. bonds to 100

The Mass. We are learning about the gestures and responses. We also learnt about the events duringThe Last Supper.

Learning homophones, to, too and two.

The PE lesson was a bit different this week!

Year 1 and Year 2 Agility Team

Outside and inside maths lessons. Who has the greatest throw? Can you find more or less? Using mathematical language - 'great than', 'less than', 'more than' etc.

London's Burning! We recreated the scene in London on Sunday 2nd September 1666. The children made Stuart style houses with Mrs Evans. Once it got going, the fire spread very quickly. Luckily, Mrs McNally was on hand as our resident Fire Fighter. Everyone had a wonderful afternoon. Thank you to all the adults who helped.

Our Gospel Value this half term is 'Eloquent and Truthful'. We had a prayer service and listened to the Gospel of Matthew.

The Great Fire of London topic. We are making our own extract from Samuel Pepys diary and drawing the city of London in the style of the artist Samuel Rolle.

Using the class Maths boxes to help us with our fluency, reasoning and problem solving. September 2017

Working on our grammar. Changing verbs from present to past tense.

Outside Learning. We were learning to name and identify the uses of materials.

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