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Catholic Social Teaching

Solidarity and the Common Good

- Speaking clearly and showing respect to our neighbours in the community who are in need.


- St. Therese of Lisieux


Autumn Term Focus 2021: We explored the Catholic Social Teachings of Solidarity of the Common Good, reflecting on the need to show dedication to our fellow human beings through our individual actions and initiatives. We raised money for CAFOD who had a fundraising campaign for all communities who dedicate their lives to protecting God's creation within the climate crisis. Additionally, we donated items to our Stratford Food Bank to help those in need in the time of Harvest. To reflect on the Saint of Therese of Lisieux, Year 3 led 'Little Way Week' encouraging their school peers to show acts of kindness and bring about change both in school and within our local community. 


The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

- Through our work, we help others to learn and grow closer to God. We know that we are all ‘Co Workers’ and we work to contribute.


Saint: St. Joseph the Worker


Rights and Responsibilities

-Understanding what our responsibilities and rights are, and knowing how we can promote and live these out as ambassadors of Christ.


Saint: St Vincent de Paul


Stewardship of God’s Creation

- Being wise in how we share the world and work together to promote how we can use resources wisely.

- Be learned in what our role is to help ‘Our Common Home’.


Saint: St. Francis of Assisi

Option for the poor and vulnerable

-we belief that all resources on earth should be shared with all. We find ways to work together to support the poor and vulnerable.


Saint: Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Dignity of the Human Person

-Understanding that every person’s life should be respected and supporting to ensure that we can flourish in all aspects of life, as children of God.


Saint: St Maximilian Kolbe


Family and Community

-Encourage our pupils to think beyond the family to the local, national and global communities of which we are a part and what it means to be a neighbour.  

-Know what it means to be members of the Church community.


Saint: The Holy Family


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