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Friday 12th June


1. Read and listen to a poem

  • Read The Sound Collector. What do you notice about the poem? Which line do you think is most memorable?
  • Listen to Roger McGough (the poet) read the poem. What do you notice new when you hear the poem read?

2. Make notes about the sounds in your house

  • Be very quiet and try to listen to the sounds in your house for 2-3 minutes.  Listen for sounds coming from outside too.
  • What might you hear at different times of the day?
  • Early in the morning?
  • In the evening?
  • Late at night?
  • Think about how to describe these sounds and note them down.

3.  Write a poem about the sounds in your house

  • Use 'Planning a Poem' to help you to write a poem about the sounds in your house.
  • Practise reading your poem out loud.
  • Change any parts that don’t sound right to you.

Science - Evolution and Inheritance, lesson 2

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