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Friday 15th May

Today's Rosary Reflection



LO: Can I use hyphens accurately?


1. Read Ambiguous Headlines

  • Read Ambiguous Headlines. When something is ambiguous, it means that it could have more than one meaning.
  • Can you work out how these headlines could have more than one meaning? The first one has been done for you.


2. Revise using hyphens to avoid ambiguity

• Use the PowerPoint to revise using hyphens to avoid ambiguity.


3. Practise using hyphens

• Complete the activities on Hyphens, putting hyphens in the right place.


4. Now for some writing

• Take one of the ‘wrong’ headlines on Ambiguous Headlines and make up a story about it. e.g. six one-year-old children win a worm charming competition!

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