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Friday 24th April

'Friendship Fridays'

As we are apart, to keep our families safe and our community, I would like you to create something to send to a special friend of yours. This might be a video, poster, poem, letter, drawing or anything creative you can think of! Enjoy :)


If you would like me to send these to a friend in the class, send a picture of it to me and I can forward it on to them!





Task 1: Times Tables (End of the Week)

To celebrate your hard work this week in practising your times tables, I have set you a game of Snakes and Ladders to play! Enjoy!


Task 2: Maths - Fractions

Our current unit in Maths is 'Fractions'. Use the sheet to practise your fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Remember to keep your resilience and determination! 

The answer sheet is attached in a PDF for you to mark with your parent. Like we do in school, it is always good to use some time after to have another go at something you may have found difficult and want to correct!



Task 1: Spelling

To end our week, I would like you to practise spelling some of our Year 3 Common Exception Words. Use the answer sheet to mark your spellings.


Task 2: English (This week, to begin the Term, you will be completing a series of short booster tasks to recap your Grammar devices)

You will be practising your use of 'a' and 'an' using vowels and consonants. I have set an interactive activity on Purple Mash if you would like to have a go; followed by completing the worksheet. 

Mark with the answers attached.

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