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Spanish- Can you do a painting or drawing that represents the different seasons- You could split your page into quarters.


el invierno-winter

la primavera-Spring

el verano-Summer

el otoño-Autumn


You can draw pictures or paint on each section things that are associated with that season e.g. el otoño-leaves falling.

Maths- Please practise all the times tables that we have looked at over the past few weeks. Can you think of any tricks to help you remember them?

English- finish and uplevel your diary entry! Make sure you have lots of ambitious adjectives and fronted adverbials. Please type up and send to me to read if possible


-Remember to read through your work a few times to check that it makes sense

-Remember to check your spellings using a dictionary

-Check that you have used a range of fronted adverbials


Please complete this for your diary entry, make sure you set yourself a target as your next step!

Rosary challenge- can you create your own Peace jar?

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