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Maths 2020 - 2021


This is a very exciting year for maths at St Gregory's as we have been selected to take part in 'The Central Maths Hub Teaching For Mastery Research Group'. Miss O'Leary and Miss Cole will be working with specialist practitioners from The Hub to develop maths at St Gregory's and other schools in the region. The research programme begins in early September so watch this space for updates on activities and progress.

The document below shows where we are at the moment on our journey.

2020-2021 Autumn Term Maths Displays

Scaling our designs on to squared paper and then transferring them to the wood for our community project 'Plank People'

Calculating the viscosity of Lava

Calculating the area and perimeter of playground equipment

Using apparatus to help with area, volume, shape and Carroll diagrams

Year 6 manipulating negative number problems

What a week we had! From our display you can see that maths was used across the whole curriculum, including Spanish and art.

Year 6 enjoying the challenges

.....and having fun experiencing scale with The Vikings!

KS1 looked at Maths through stories during maths week. Here are Year 2 enjoying maths activities with The Shopping Basket!

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