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Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies - Action Plan 2019

Mini Vinnies Lent Competition

The Mini Vinnies set all the teachers a special challenge in the week's leading up to Lent, where they had to revamp and bring their Lenten prayer areas to life for their class. They gave the teachers a set criteria and did an environment walk together. After their environment walk, they voted and awarded Mrs. Burn in Year 6 as the winner! 



MAC Prayer Leaders' Day

The Mini Vinnies joined the other seven schools in our Holy Family MAC Academy for the morning where they joined together in prayer, reflected on their roles in school and learnt new ideas to bring back to St. Gregory's!

The Goldfinch

The Mini Vinnies shared the famous story of the Goldfinch in an assembly to the Whole School. They shared how the Goldfinch is a symbol as our faith and one that they want their friends to recognise. Following their assembly, they created Goldfinches and put them above door handles to help children and staff remember this symbol.


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