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Monday 11th May

Today's Reflection



LO: Can I read a classic narrative poem and sequence the events?


1. Read the first verse of The Highwayman

Read the Highwayman First Verse.

Read it in your head first and then try reading it out loud. In your exercise book, make notes on the three questions below:

  • What patterns do you notice?
  • What mood would you say this verse has?
  • What do you predict might happen?


2. Watch the PowerPoint of The Highwayman

  • Watch the video animation.


3. Put the events in order

  • Cut out the Highwayman Events and try to put them in order. If you do not have a printer at home, you can write them in the correct order in your Home Learning Book.
  • Watch the video again to help, if needed.


4. Write five questions

The poem is a bit mysterious. In your exercise book, write five questions that you wonder after reading the first verse.

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