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Monday 11th May

'Mindfulness Monday'

As you say your daily decade, slow down, rest and find peace.

Think about those things in your life that you are extremely grateful for, the things in nature that you love and the people that you cherish. 




Task 1: Times Tables

This week, I would like you to practise your 3 and 4 times tables using our multiplication wheels.


Task 2: Maths - Time

Use the sheet to practise your fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Remember to keep your resilience and determination! The answer sheet is attached in a PDF for you to mark with your parent. 

Like we do in school, it is always good to use some time after to have another go at something you may have found difficult and want to correct!



Task 1: Spelling

Please see our Spelling sheet with a list of activities for the week. 


Task 2: English 

Create a vocabulary jar of adjectives to describe a scene in the Star Bearer.

Topic Weekly Task:

Please see below your weekly Topic task. Remember that this can be completed at any time that suits you and your family throughout the week. 

Religious Education Weekly Task:


Please see the link below.

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