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Monday 15th June



1. Watch a short video message

  • Watch Message to myself in six-months time’
  • Read Listening Questions.
  • Which of these can you answer already?
  • Watch the video message again.
  • Which can you answer now? Remember to write your answers in sentences.


2. Remind yourself about informal and formal language

  • Use the PowerPoint on formal and informal language
  • Complete Apostrophes in Contractions.

3.  Note initial ideas

  • Think about what you might say to yourself in six months’ time.  
  • Try to think of 6-10 ideas and record them in your exercise book.
  • You will pick the best ones to work with on Day 2.

Maths: Linked to BBC Bitesize Learning


Think about the giving and receiving of presents and answer the following questions:


  • Why is it good to receive a gift from somebody?
  • What does it say about the way that person thinks of you?
  • Why is it good to give to other people?
  • What does it say about the way in which we respect and care for them?


Now complete the attached work.


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