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Monday 15th June

Mindfulness Monday - Start your week by slowing down, finding peace and quiet!



This week, we will be recapping 'Addition and Subtraction', focusing on the following learning outcomes:

- Add and subtract 2- and 3-digit numbers

- Subtract 2-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers

- Add 3-digit numbers


White Rose have provided a learning video to accompany each small step throughout this recapping block. Tip: If you feel that your child needs further challenge, encourage them to use money and try different calculations/alternate ways to represent and show their answer. 



Spelling - The last two weeks, you have been practising your Year 3 Common Exception Words. This week, you will be trying to correct some of these spellings to show your understanding. 


English - For the second part of the Summer Term, your tasks will be explicitly focusing on grammar, punctuation and language devices to revisit, build on and strengthen these key skills. 

Week 1 you revisited present perfect tense, Week 2 conjunctions and Week 3 you will be revisiting the skill of plural and possessive apostrophes. 


When completing your topic and R.E. tasks, I have ensured that more writing is involved in these activities so that you can apply your learning and continue to build on your writing skills. I hope that this way of learning will help you to build on key skills prior to moving to Year 4!

Topic Weekly Task


L.O. Can I write a set of instructions to explain the Mummification Process?


Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about the process of Ancient Egyptian Mummification. In our Zoom, we explored the key elements of mummification and have looked in more detail at the discovery of King Tut's Mummy. 


Your task - This week, I would like you to write e a set of instructions to explain this process. Below, I have given a simple example but I KNOW that you can create something much more eye-catching and engaging to read. 

Remember: Instructions always use 'Imperative Verbs' to give commands. Use the word mat to support your writing!


Resources - Use our Zoom Information Powerpoint and the Youtube video to remind yourself of the mummification process. 

R.E Weekly Task


L.O. Can I identify the importance in Mass as a celebration?


Look at similarities associated with celebrating - gathering with those you belong to, remembering and celebrating an important event, showing your respect and love for others, taking a gift, sharing in food and drink, we enjoy the celebration and get something out of it

When Mass is celebrated, all the things which make up a really good celebration are there too, as well as the following:


– We come together as God’s family.
– We listen to the Word of God
– We pray for other people
– We bring our gifts of bread and wine.
– We share in the meal which Jesus has given us.
– We are strengthened to follow Jesus by receiving him during this celebration.


Your task: Complete the activity sheet below, reflecting on the importance of Mass. 


Why is it special to you?

What are the most important elements?

Why do we call it a celebration?

How is it similar and different to other celebrations?


Challenge Q: Catholics believe that Jesus is present in the celebration of mass. They are very respectful and thankful when attending mass. Why do you think Catholics think and behave in this way?

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