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Monday 18th May



LO: Can I identify features of formal and informal language? 

LO: Can I write an ‘About me’ profile?  


1. Read some Author Profiles

Read these three author profiles from their websites:

Make notes in your exercise books as you read their profiles.

What do you think are the three most important facts about each author?


2. Revise Formal and Informal Register

Use the 'Revision Card' to remind yourself about the differences between formal and informal register.

  • Which of the three author profiles do you think is written most formally?
  • Which is written least formally?
  • Give reasons for your answers.


3. Plan and write your own profile

  • Use the 'Profile Planner' to plan an ‘About Me’ for you.  
  • Plan to write it an informal style.
  • Write your final profile in your exercise book.  Remember to write it carefully and ensure it is of high quality. Even if you write informally, your writing still needs to be clear!

About Me Profile Planner


A greeting or welcome







Vital statistics: your age, who you live with and where







Your interests, hobbies and passions







Any achievements you might have had







Future plans, hopes and ambitions







A sign-off or farewell







Revision Card - Formal and Informal Register

Maths Flashback Activity: Divide decimals by integers



LO: Can I make a poster to show the different gestures, actions and aids we use to help us pray?


Remember that prayer is not just about words, but is also about actions and the way in which we live our lives.

Today I would like you to think about some of the different actions and gestures that are used as part of prayer.  These could include genuflection, bowing your head and closing your eyes.  What other actions and gestures are used?


Create a poster showing these actions and gestures and annotate each one explaining why you think they are used by people.

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