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Monday, 1st June


Complete the activities below to revise subordinate and main clauses.


Most sentences are made of clauses.


A main clause has a subject and a verb and makes sense on its own.

A subordinate clause gives extra information but does not make sense on its own.


e.g. Hilary told Alex that she couldn't come.


Which are the main clauses in the sentences below?

Darius went to the shop because he needed some milk.

Jodie is going to the party even if Rebecca won't go with her.

Provided that it does not start to rain, they'll play outside.

Unless you know the answer, we'll ask Richard.

They climbed the tree even though I thought it was a bad idea.


Add one of the words below and your own clause to complete the sentences below (use each of the words only once)

when     after        although           until        before


e.g We need to wait until it is dark for Grendel to attack


1) We need to wait ______________________________

2) Beowulf polished his sword______________________

3) Hrothgar captured some jewels___________________

4) The queen wants to get a guard dog ______________

5) Grendel didn't bother eating breakfast______________

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