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Monday 1st June



1. Read the start of a story

  • Read the 'Opening'.
  • What do we learn about the characters?
  • Can you think of three important things that we learn about the narrator, Mum and Eric?



2. Think about being an outsider

  • Read When Did I Feel Like an Outsider?
  • Are any of these situations familiar to you?
  • Are there other times that you felt like an outsider?
  • In your exercise book, write about a situation that made you feel like an outsider.
  • Explain what happened and how you would describe your feelings.

3. Listen to the whole story of Eric.

  • Listen to the whole of the story of Eric and look carefully at the illustrations.
  • Use the PowerPoint Eric or watch Ruth Mertten reading the book
  • Read 'Story Talk Questions'.
  • Think about your answers and then write some of them in clear sentences in your exercise book.
Maths Linked to BBC Bitesize Homelearning:



Follow the link below and complete one activity that Miss Cole set for the whole school during the half term holiday.  

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