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Monday 22nd June

Mindfulness Monday: Start by thinking positively, slowing down and feeling calm to start your week!


This week, I have set Place Value Arithmetic instead of times tables as although they are incredibly important there are lots of our number facts that are as important to practise. The sheet below is for the week... I would suggest doing maybe 15 questions a day rather than completing the whole sheet. This is of your choice! If you want a further activity, there are the Maths Daily Flashbacks to practise our other skills. 



This week, we will continue to recap 'Addition and Subtraction', focusing on the following learning outcomes:

- Add 3-digit numbers

- Subtract 3-digit numbers

- Estimate and use the inverse


White Rose have provided a learning video to accompany each small step throughout this recapping block. Tip: If you feel that your child needs further challenge, encourage them to use money and try different calculations/alternate ways to represent and show their answer. 



Spelling - This week you will be looking at the sound 's' spelt as 'sc' through a variety of activites!


English - For the second part of the Summer Term, your tasks will be explicitly focusing on grammar, punctuation and language devices to revisit, build on and strengthen these key skills. 

Week 1 you revisited present perfect tense, Week 2 conjunctions, Week 3 apostrophes and this week you will be revisiting fronted adverbials and the use of 'a and an'


When completing your topic and R.E. tasks, I have ensured that more writing is involved in these activities so that you can apply your learning and continue to build on your writing skills. I hope that this way of learning will help you to build on key skills prior to moving to Year 4!

R.E Weekly Task


This week, you will be reflecting on the part of Mass known as the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Topic Weekly Task


This week, you will be looking at sources of evidence to try and identify what artefacts tell us now about the Egyptians. Start by looking through the Powerpoint at the different artefacts, followed by choosing on the sheets to reflect on!

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