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Monday 22nd June

Mindfulness Activity


This week, I would like you to start each day starting with the activities that are set.  


Today we have a focus activity.  Sometimes our minds drift and we think about all sorts of things at once.  With practice, we can notice what our attention does and move it by choice, like a spotlight.


'Spotlight Focus'

  1. Focus your eyes and your attention on one object in the room.  Maybe point to it with your finger as your eyes look there.
  2. Now, move your attention to another object, this time without pointing.  If you start thinking about something else, bring your focus back to the object.
  3. Let your attention be like a spotlight.  Look around and rest your attention on each object you find.  Try it out on several items in the room. 




1. Read the poem 'Certainty'

  • Read the poem twice: once in your head and once out loud.
  • What did you like about the poem?
  • Was there anything that you disliked?
  • What patterns can you find?
  • What would you like to ask the poet?
  • Watch the poem being performed: follow the link below.
  • Was it as you expected? What did you notice in the performance?

2. Remind yourself about adverbs of possibility

  • Use the PowerPoint below on Adverbs of Possibility.
  • Complete Adverbs of Possibility Sentences.

3.  Now for some writing

  • Think about your life in six months’ time.
  • What possibilities could be there?
  • What can you be sure about?
  • Record your ideas on the 'Table of Certainty'.  
  • Now turn some of your ideas into a poem.
  • You could use some of the patterns from Matt Abbott’s poem.
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