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Monday 4th May

English and Topic Work


Task 1:

Read ‘VE Day’ information sheet.


Task 2:

Choose one of the links below and click on it.  These are video clips of people who lived through World War 2.  Choose one video clip and listen to the experiences of these ordinary people.


I found Marzenna Schejbal’s recount really interesting and very inspiring:


Joy Lofthouse:


Jim Knox:



Task 3:

Once you have listened to it once, listen to it again and make notes on the following:


  1. How did these experiences make them feel? 
    1. List these emotions in your home learning book.  (You will need these for your writing task.)


  1. What sacrifices did they have to make?
    1. List these sacrifices in your home learning book.


  1. How do you think they would have felt on VE day?
    1. List these feelings in your home learning book.


  1. Using a thesaurus please find alternative words for some of the words you have listed.  If you do not have a thesaurus to hand, here is a link to an online one:
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