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Monday, 4th May

The features of Recounts


Later this week you will be writing a recount from the point of view of one of the two houses in the clip, 'Home Sweet Home.'  Today you are revising the features of recounts.  Have a look at the Features of Recounts check list and then read the Recount example; can you spot any of the features in this text?

Either, highlight the text with the features, tick them off the check list or list the ones that are there in your home learning book. 


How might a recount about the clip be slightly different? What is missing from this recount that you might want to include in yours in order to include effective descriptions? 


Figurative Language


Click on the following link to remind yourself what figurative language is and how it can be used effectively:


Then work through activities 1 and 2 in your home learning book.

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