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Monday 6th July

Year Six Leaver's Song

1. Read the start of a book

  • Look closely at the front cover of 'Way Home'.
  • Make brief notes about five things that you notice and what you think might happen in the book.
  • Read first page text:
    • Is this how you expected it would be from the front cover? 
    • What do you think about Shane?
    • What do you think might happen?
Listen to the reading of the first part of the book, stop the video at 6.14:

2. Answer questions

  • Read the following questions. Think carefully about your answers.
  • Write your answers as sentences making a paragraph for each section.


Book Questions:

  • What do you like about the book? Is there anything that you dislike? Why?
  • What does the book make you think about?
    • Anything you have read or seen? Anything that people have talked about? Anyone you know?
  • What makes the book striking?
    • Which page particularly caught your eye?
    • What is your favourite phrase, sentence or paragraph so far?
  • What issue and questions does the book raise?


3.  Make predictions

  • Note down with words and pictures what you think will happen in the rest of the book.  
  • Write about your predictions.
  • What will happen to Shane?
  • What will happen to the cat?
  • How might the story end?
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