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Monday 8th June

Mindfulness Monday: Start your week by thinking about what you're grateful for through your Gratitude Bubbles



This week, we will be continuing the topic of 'Geometry and Shape' focus on the following learning outcomes:

- To identify different types of lines

- Recognise 2D shapes

- Recognise 3D shapes


I have found videos to accompany the learning, including songs, as White Rose have not set accompanying videos for this topic. Tip: Encourage your child to find shapes around the house and explore these (explain their properties, describe and classify the objects around the house). 



Spelling - Similar to last week, the Spelling skill that you will be exploring is the Common Exception Words for Year 3. When rehearsing these, it is important to discuss any words that you may not know the meaning of or to identify the parts of the word that are often missed out. 


English - This week, you will be exploring the skill in using 'Conjunctions' to extend sentences. I have chosen a variety of activities for each day of the week to build on and explore this skill. 

Weekly RE Task: Special FHC Mission

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