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Monday 8th June



1. Read some explanations

  • Read Judges explain their voting – Kimberley Walsh.
  • Watch the video of the dance. How much of what the judges said can you notice?
  • Read Judges explain their voting – Johnny Ball.
  • Which judge is most positive?
  • Which is most negative?
  • Watch the video of the dance. Which of the judges do you most agree with? 

2. Highlight and annotate the text

  • Take each text in turn.
  • Highlight and annotate the two texts to show any technical vocabulary about dance, any very positive phrases and any very negative phrases.
  • Highlight anything else that you notice in the way that the judges explain their voting.
  • Compare your highlights with the Judging Sheets below.

3.  Give your own explanation

  • Choose whether to think about the Stacey Dooley or the Brian Conley dance. Watch the dance and give it a score.
  • Make notes of what you would say to explain your voting. Try to think of more than one reason and try to include technical vocabulary and some of the phrases that you found in the text.
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