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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School ‘We love, learn and grow with Jesus.’

Pupil Leadership Groups

Pupil Leadership at St Gregory's. 

At St Gregory's, all pupils are encouraged to become active participants in a democratic society; contributing to the voice and vision of our school and wider community. 


We have six Pupil Leadership Groups and each group has a different focus:


 Each Pupil Leadership Group creates their own Action Plan for the academic year which identifies three targets, to make a positive impact on: 

1. St Gregory's School.

2. The wider community.

3. Catholic Life: becoming closer to Jesus.


The Action Plan explains: the group's intent (what they would like to achieve), their implementation targets (how and when they are going to achieve this) and their impact (evaluating the difference they have made). 


St. Gregory's Approach to Pupil Leadership for the 2020-21 Academic Year

Children's Self Evaluation Form 2020-2021

Children's Self Evaluation Form 2018-2019

Children's Self Evaluation Form 2017-2018

Children's Self Evaluation Form 2016-2017

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