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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School ‘We love, learn and grow with Jesus.’


Welcome to Reception!


In Reception, we are kind, caring and curious. 

We are encouraged to feel safe and happy in our learning environment, so we can grow with confidence and become independent learners.


Our teacher is Miss Clements and our teaching assistants are Mrs. Chamberlain,

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Butler.


We are so excited to share lots of interesting information and exciting photos about what we have been learning. Please scroll down to look at our latest learning. 


Autumn 2019



Our Gospel Values for this term are:

Grateful and Generous



At St. Gregory's, we want our pupils to grow to be grateful for their own gifts, for the gift of other people and for the blessings of each day; and generous with their gifts, becoming men and women for others.



Our First Full Week in Reception


The Reception team are extremely proud of the children for completing their first full week of school. They have all been so grown up and have adapted to school life brilliantly. It has been a very exciting first week for us all!


On Monday, the children discovered lots of clues that hinted towards the first story in our 'Once Upon a Time' topic. The book was revealed on Tuesday - Goldilocks and the Three Bears. But we didn't just read the book - we let the story come to life around us...


We took a walk through the Forest ourselves and discovered bears in Forest School.


There were dry porridge oats and different sized bears and spoons in the classroom. The children particularly liked the smell of the oats. 


There were soaked porridge oats in the water outside, these had a completely different texture to the dry oats. The children enjoyed mixing them and filling the different sized bowls.


There were even porridge oats in our playdough. Playdough is great for fine motor development, so it was fantastic to see so many of the children wanting to play with it. 


The bears' house appeared in our Small World Area, complete with finger puppets. The children enjoyed using the finger puppets to re-tell parts of the story.


... But what surprised us most of all was our visit from Goldilocks herself! We had just reached the part of the story when Goldilocks was in Little Bear's bed, when we heard something coming from our Home Corner- she was in our bed! The children were so excited and made her feel very welcome.



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