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   Sporting Advice and Information

At Home P.E Activities 


PE and Sport Premium Funding


As a school, we are provided with a PE and Sport premium find which is designed to help us improve the quality of PE and sport activities that we offer the children at St. Gregory’s. We are free to choose how we use this money and are required to publish details in the way this funding is used. The objectives of spending in 2019-2020 are to increase our participation in inter-school and cluster competitions, broaden after-school club opportunities, update sports equipment for lessons and playtime, embed a high standard of PE provision with Level 3 Sports Coaching qualified staff and introduce new, inclusive games to pupils. 


At St. Gregory’s, we provide every child with a minimum of two hours of physical activity per week. All pupils take part in Games, Gymnastics, Dance and Swimming lessons which are delivered by out Physical Education Specialists and class teachers. It is very important that the children at St. Gregory’s have the correct PE kit for safety and hygiene reasons. We recommend that each part of your child’s P.E kit is labelled to stop it from being misplaced. A child’s P.E kit should consist of:

A PE bag

A pair of Navy shorts (Summer) and trousers (Winter)

A blue round neck t-shirt with the St Gregory’s badge

EYFS & KS1: Well-fitted plimsolls for indoors and trainers for outside

KS2: Well-fitted trainers for indoors and outside

Please find the days each year group has their Physical Education and Swimming lesson each week.


Physical Education (indoors or outdoors):

Wednesday: Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 5, Year 6 

Thursday: Year 3, Year 4



Monday: EYFS

Tuesday: Year 3 and Year 5

Thursday: Year 4 and Year 6

Friday: Year 1 and Year 2

Curriculum Overview

At St. Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, every pupil participates in, at least, the minimum 2 hours of physical activity per week. Pupils across Key Stage One and Two take part in Games, Gymnastics, Dance and Swimming Lessons, planned and delivered by Physical Education Specialists. Lessons are fun and challenging yet offer structure to provide progression for all pupils regardless of ability. Lessons provide a balance between healthy competition and skill acquisition, allowing for development of social and emotional skills such as team-building and problem solving, as well as widening their physical abilities.


Gymnastics and Dance

In Key Stage One, pupils investigate a range of movements including rolls and jumps using different speed and levels. Pupils have learned to use space safely working both on the floor, mats and on apparatus. In Key Stage Two, pupils exercise balance and control through performing rolls and jumps using different speed and levels. Pupils create sequences of controlled movement working both on the floor, mats and on apparatus. 




Key Stage One pupils explore boxes of equipment and learn to work and share. They develope their own game ideas and discover different equipment. Key Stage Two experience a variety of different activities including football, basketball, netball, handball, tag rugby, athletics, dodge-ball, hockey, tri-golf, tennis, cricket and outdoor adventurous activity. Pupils participate in lessons which follow a 4-part structure including warm-up, skill acquisition, modified game and cool down, reminding them of why we take part in PE and its importance for our health. Year 6 leaders are also encouraged to lead part of the warm up to increase their knowledge of the importance of warming up. Lessons continually assess pupil progress and allow for flexibility throughout, ensuring all pupils are stretched and challenged.




With our own swimming pool on site, pupils at the school have access to regular, high quality swimming lessons. This gives our pupils every chance to swim the required 25 metres by the time they complete Year 6.


St. Gregory's have entered the University of Warwick's Girls Football League. Girls from St. Gregory's will take part in a match every month at the University of Warwick's new Health and Fitness facility on the football pitches. St. Gregory's are very excited to be taking part! 

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