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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School ‘We love, learn and grow with Jesus.’

Stratford upon Avon Catenian Circle

The school's only picture of our patron Saint, St. Gregory The Great was kindly funded by the Brothers of the Stratford upon Avon Catenian Circle.  It has added a very special presence to our school entrance. Thank you!

The Catenians

Strengthening family life through friendship and faith

An association

Of like-minded Catholic men who meet socially once a month, for dinner, fellowship and enjoyment.

Catenians are committed Catholics

Who actively take part in the work of their parishes and charities connected with the church.

Families come together

At frequently held social events.

Catenians support each other

And their families in times of trouble and assist young catholics.

Catenians are encouraged to

meet with fellow Catenians elsewhere in the diocese, across the country and internationally.

Potential members are invited to

Attend meetings and come along to social events before they make a commitment.

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