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Thursday 11th June



1. Read and listen to a poem

  • Read Gran, Can You Rap?
  • Read the poem in your head first and then practise reading it out loud until you read it confidently.
  • Watch these two performances of the poem. Which do you prefer? Which lines do you think these performers still need to practise?

2. Highlight and annotate the poem

  • Remind yourself about the 'Useful Poetic Terms' from yesterday.
  • Highlight and annotate the poem to show any of the features that you can find. Make sure that you show the rhymes in this poem.

Gran, Can you Rap?

3.  Write new verses for the poem

  • Read the example below to see how to make new verses for the poem by just changing some of the words.
  • Pick a new character and write a verse about them.
  • You could challenge yourself to write about other different characters too!



Queen, Can You Rap?


The Queen was on her throne with a corgi on her lap


When I tapped her on the shoulder to see if she could rap.


Queen, can you rap? Can you rap? Can you, Queen?


And she lifted her crown and she said to me, man,


I’m the best rapping Queen this world’s ever seen


I’m a tip-top, slip-slap, rap-rap dream.

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