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Thursday 14th May

Today's Rosary Reflection



LO Continued: Can I use colons, semi-colons and dashes?


1. Read Rules of Participation

  • Read Terms of ParticipationThis is about the Flutag competition.
  • Which do you think is the most important rule here? Explain why you think this.
  • Highlight the punctuation used in this writing.
  • What is the name of each piece of punctuation? Why is it needed?


2. Revise using colons and semi-colons in lists.

Use the PowerPoint to revise using colons and semi-colons in lists.


3. Practise using colons and semi colons in lists.

  • Look at Crazy Competitions.
  • Which of these would you most like to see?
  • Which would you most like to take part in?
  • Read Crazy Competition Rules.
  • Choose one of these competitions and in your exercise book, write the rules as a list, introduced with a colon and with items separated by colons.

Terms of Participation Text

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