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Thursday 18th June



1. Analyse a video-message

  • Watch Deanna Rodger’s message again.  See the link below to take you to Wednesday's work.
  • Which of these memories seem happy? Which seem unhappy?
  • How would you describe the overall mood of this message?
  • Highlight the transcript to show some features of this script.
  • Remember to check your answers, ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED!

Answers for the transcript

2. Think about your own memories

  • Sit quietly for a moment and listen to the sounds you can hear and the feelings that you notice. Think about your own memories from this time.
  • In your exercise book, write and draw about five or six of your own memories.

3. Now for some writing

  • Write a script about the things that you will remember.
  • Try to include some of the features from Deanna’s script: repetition, specific detail, alliteration, expanded noun-phrases and rhyme or half-rhyme.
  • Practise reading and performing your script.  



Try this Fun-Time Extra

Interview people in your house about what they will remember.  If you have photographs of these memories, what about making a memory collage!

Maths: Linked to BBC Bitesize Learning

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