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Thursday 25th June



Today we will continue to develop exercises to help improve our focus.


Clap Focus:

  1. Try to focus your attention on how your hands feel.  Now clap them three times, then stop.
  2. What sensations can you feel?  See if you can zoom your focus in on one part, such as the tip of your right little finger.
  3. Repeat this again from step 1, and this time try expanding your attention to your whole hand, and then to just one part of it.



1. Write about pictures

  • Look closely at the set of Images.
  • Write on Sentences 1 and 2, to say what could be happening in each of these pictures.
  • Can you think of a story that could connect all these images? Try making it up and telling it to someone else.

Sentences 1 and 2

2. Read and listen to a poem

  • Read The Great Realisation.
  • Highlight the poem to show your favourite lines and phrases.
  • Watch the performance of the poem:
  • Was it as you expected it to be?

3.  Write about the poem

  • Read Poetry Questions and think about your answers.
  • In your exercise book, write down your answers in complete sentences.
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