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Thursday 26th March



To do: 

  1. Complete your 3 minute timed TT. Rockstars
  2. Mark your TT. Rockstars
  3. Complete SS4 Maths work 
  4. Mark your work together with an adult. Can you correct your mistakes?
  5. Do you want to challenge yourself? I've set an extra task as your challenge!



To do:

  1. Practise your 8 daily spellings
  2. Mark these with an adult. Can you correct any mistakes?
  3. Complete your English task

Religious Education Weekly Task:


In school, we have been doing lots of work on the meaning of Lent including what we do in Lent and how through stories we learn that Jesus helped to change others' lives. 

For your R.E task this week, I would like you to create a non-chronological report about the season of Lent. Remember, that you need to write in full sentences and need to try and include all the things that we have learnt about!


If you are stuck, use some of the videos below to help you remember!

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