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Tuesday 12th May

Zoom Session


This week you need to have a piece of paper and a pencil.  This week is quiz week!  See you all at 11:00 am.

Today's Rosary Reflection



LO: Can I explain the perfect form of the past tense and identify different forms it?


1. Reread the Highwayman

  • Go through the powerpoint presentation of ‘The Highwayman’.
  • Which do you think makes the poem clearest: the YouTube clip you looked at yesterday or the presentation? Explain why.


2. Revise the Perfect Form

Use the Perfect Form PowerPoint to remind yourself about the past perfect and present perfect form of verbs.


3. Practise using the Perfect Form

  • Complete Perfect Verb Forms A
  • You could challenge yourself to complete Perfect Verb Forms B as well!
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