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Tuesday, 12th May




Pronouns are words that are used to replace nouns.  The pronouns help you avoid repeating words.


The boy found the ball and he kicked it.


They can make your writing flow better and easier to understand.


That's Jen's brother, he's older than her.


Here are some common pronouns:  he  we  me  them  it  her (see list below)


Task 1: Re-write each sentence in your book, replacing the underlined nouns with pronouns


Tommy made a picture for Rowan, then gave the picture to Rowan.

Mia and Ben lost Oliwia, so Mia and Ben went to look for Oliwia.



Task 2: Re-write the extract from the Tin Forest using pronouns.  Make sure that you aren't repeating yourself and that the writing flows


There was once a wide, wind-swept place, near nowhere and close to forgotten.  The wide windswept place was filled with things that no-one wanted.  The things that no-one wanted covered up the beauty  of the landscape in a sea of metal and filth.  Right in the middle of the tea of metal and filth, was small house with small windows.  The small windows looked out onto other people's rubbish and bad weather.  In the house lived an old man.  Every day the old man tried to tidy away the rubbish and every night the old man escaped into his dreams.  The old man dreamed of a jungle full of wild forest animals.  The wild forest animals were bright and colourful.




Picture 1

Use the sheet below to consolidate the words revised on Purple Mash, if you wish.

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