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Tuesday 19th May



LO: Can I identify and convert sentences from active to passive voice?

LO: Can I write a short humorous blog using both types of sentence? 


1. Read a blog post

  • Read Naughty Dog Blog
  • Read through Informal Writing Features.
  • Which of these features can you find in the blog-post? Highlight and annotate the text to show them.


2. Revise Active and Passive Voice

  • Use the PowerPoint about active and passive voice and listen to the teaching. 
  • Complete Active and Passive Voice Practice.


3.  Now for some writing

Write a short blog-post about one of these titles:

  • The day of the big match         
  • My teacher          
  • My brother/sister      
  • My favourite animal            
  • Food

Include some sentences in the active voice and some in the passive voice.

Naughty Dog Blog

Informal Writing Features

Informal Writing Features 1

Active and Passive Voice

Active and Passive Practice Worksheet

Active and Passive Practice Worksheet 1

Active and Passive Voice Practice Answers

Maths Flashback Activity: Division to solve problems

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