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Tuesday 19th May



LO: Can I identify and convert sentences from active to passive voice?

LO: Can I write a short humorous blog using both types of sentence? 


1. Read a blog post

  • Read Naughty Dog Blog
  • Read through Informal Writing Features.
  • Which of these features can you find in the blog-post? Highlight and annotate the text to show them.


2. Revise Active and Passive Voice

  • Use the PowerPoint about active and passive voice and listen to the teaching. 
  • Complete Active and Passive Voice Practice.


3.  Now for some writing

Write a short blog-post about one of these titles:

  • The day of the big match         
  • My teacher          
  • My brother/sister      
  • My favourite animal            
  • Food

Include some sentences in the active voice and some in the passive voice.

Naughty Dog Blog

Informal Writing Features

Active and Passive Voice

Active and Passive Practice Worksheet

Active and Passive Voice Practice Answers

Maths Flashback Activity: Division to solve problems

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