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Tuesday 23rd June

Mindfulness Activity


Today's activity is again working on our focus.


Feet, seat and hands practice:

  1. First, stamp your feet for the time it takes to breathe in and out once.  Then pause and notice the sensation of your feet on the floor.
  2. Next, gently lean your upper body from side to side three times.  Then sit still.  Can you feel where you are sitting on the chair?
  3. Finally, rub your hands together for the count of 10.  Then stop and place your hands on your lap.  Focus on the feelings in your hands.  Notice how you moved your attention throughout your body!

Zoom Session


Your Zoom invite will be sent to the Y6 Class Dojo page.


For today's Zoom session you will need to have:

  • Exercise Book
  • Pencil and pencil crayons
  • Plain piece of paper



1. Watch a newspaper article

  • Read First News – Frank Mills. Which three facts do you think are most important in this story?
  • Read Frank Mills – Questions.
  • Think about your answers and then write them carefully as sentences.

Frank Mills article

Frank Mills Questions

2. Summarise other news stories

  • Read Inspired in Lockdown 1.
  • Complete Summary Table. The first row has been done for you.
  • Challenge yourself to read and summarise Inspired in Lockdown 2 and 3.
  • Which of these stories do you find most inspirational? Why?

Summary Table

Lockdown Stories 2 and 3

3.  Now for some writing

  • Look at Example Inspirations and then read Lockdown Inspiration Ideas.
  • Write notes about your answers to the questions. Leave out questions that you cannot answer.
  • Use your ideas to write a paragraph about Lockdown Inspiration – it could be about someone who has inspired you, something you have done or something that you would like to do.

Maths: Linked to BBC Bitesize Learning

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