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Tuesday 9th June

Year 6 Zoom Session

Transition Activity:

Please have printed off the outline of the face.


As you move to secondary school, it is important to think about your hopes and concerns.

Before the session think about:

  • What are you looking forward to?
  • What they are nervous about?

Moving to Secondary school


1. Read an explanation

  • Read Green Vale School Football Team.
  • How many reasons for the team’s success are given?
  • Which of these reasons do you think is most important? Why?

Green Vale School Football Team


For the last five years, this village school football team has come top of the Small Schools' League. This year they entered and won the County Cup: a competition open to all schools in the area. How is it that a small school can produce such winning results, time after time?



A surprising fact about the school is its size. Green Vale is a small school, comprising of fifty pupils. Whereas a typical school may have 30 children in Year 6 to choose from, Green Vale must select its team from across KS2 in order to have enough players. It is the small size of the school, however, which gives the team an edge over other teams. With such small class sizes, pupils know each other very well and the team often has siblings playing together.  Therefore, the team's communication is very strong. Every player on the pitch is quick to call for passes and the goalkeeper keeps the team informed of close marking.



On initial inspection, Green Vale's football pitch is unsuitable for practice: it is on a slope, uneven and on occasion, has livestock grazing. It is because of the unfavourable conditions that Green Vale players have developed renowned skills. The unpredictability of the ball movement results in quick reaction times for both attackers and defenders. Training on a slope results in greater fitness and avoiding a passing sheep presents players with practice in defensive dribbling and scanning the changing surroundings.


Extra-curricular Activity
One of the lesser known features of the school is its dance programme; all pupils attend ballet, tap and ballroom lessons from the age of five. In addition to PE lessons, clubs are run at lunchtime for those who wish to learn bhangra, Irish or street dance. Pupils often take part in festivals and performances. Dance develops balance, fitness and fast footwork. It is because of this that Green Vale players have great ball control. Since players easily change direction and use all parts of the foot, trips and falls are rare. Because players are used to leaps, springs and turns and demonstrate agility and poise on the pitch, it is a combination which proves devastating to opponents. 


Whatever the explanation for Green Vale's football success, local coaches and teams stand to benefit from the school's next project: a coach academy. It might be that the team will develop its own worthy competition.


Team Statistics:

  • 12 wins
  • 3 draws
  • 1 loss
  • 52 goals scored
  • 7 goals conceded


Recommendations for other schools:

  1. Build strong relationships between team members
  2. Use the limitations of your home-pitch to your advantage.
  3. Explore whether other sports or dance could aid your football performance.

2. Remind yourself about adverbials and conjunctions

  • Use the revision sheet on Adverbials and Conjunctions.
  • Read Green Vale School Football Team again and highlight at least six conjunctions and underline at least six adverbials.
  • Check with the answers below.

3.  Write an explanation

  • Think about a person or team that you know that has been successful. You might choose a sports-team, a musician/artist or a contestant in a competition.
  • In your exercise books make notes on about their success and the reasons that they have been successful.
  • Use your notes to write an explanation in your exercise book. Check with the Explanation Features list before you write to make sure that you include all the features.
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