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VE Day Resources

Monday VE Day Challenge:


I would like you to create a pic collage of Black and White photographs to show your life in 2020. You might include a family picture, your favourite toy, you baking/cooking or a picture of your garden. Obviously, our photos are not black and white now so it would be brilliant to edit these to a black and white filter.

This could be a task that you do together as a family 🖤 Please share any of your creations as I would love to see them!

Tuesday VE Day Challenge:


As our Topic Home Learning task for this week, our focus will be on VE Day. 

Firstly, I would like you to watch the BBC video to help you understand what VE Day is and why it is such a significant time in history. Using the video, I would like you to think about what this day would have been like for the people in the crowds. 


What would their surroundings be like? 

What sounds would have been heard?

What would people be doing?

How would you feel? 

What thoughts would you have?


Using the VE Day page border, I would like you to write a diary account putting yourself into the shoes of a child in the crowd on the day the end of the War was announced. Think particularly about your feelings and what you would see and hear around you on this day. The video shares Alan's experiences which might help you. He recalls hearing singing, seeing bonfires, seeing the use of musical instruments and shared how everyone was happy that they had survived!

Wednesday VE Day Challenge:


For today's challenge, I would like you to watch and listen to the famous song 'We will meet again'. Carefully, listen to the words that are spoken. Once you have finished, I invite you to choose a phrase from the song and create a positive message/poster to bring to life those phrases once again. 

For example, you might choose the phrase 'Keep smiling through. Just like you always do'. Below is an example of how this has been done with a bible phrase!


Although it was a very different time then, these phrases can still be so special and truthful to the current pandemic and changes that we are living through. 


It would be AMAZING to see these displayed in your windows ready for VE Day: 8th May! You might also enter them into the Stratford Escape Arts VE Day Competition by sending them to or emailing them to, providing the name and age of entrant and any title of the work sent.


Thursday VE Day Challenge:


Today, I invite you to prepare for a VE Day celebration in your home. I have attached some optional activities including: making your own bunting, designing a VE day mug and planning your VE day lunch. 

Friday VE Day Challenge:


On Friday, 8th May 2020, to commemorate this important day, we will be holding St. Gregory’s very own ‘Stay at Home VE Day Party’. On this day, we would like to invite all of our pupils and their families, staff and governors to wear red, white and blue clothing, make bunting to decorate your home and/or garden and celebrate with a VE day party. You could have a BBQ or picnic in the garden and celebrate through some of the activities listed below:


  • Bake and decorate a special cake, or, have a traditional cream tea
  • Play some traditional wartime games, board games or just play outside in the garden if you can – children spent a lot of time outside in the 1940s
  • Learn, and sing, some traditional songs from the era, for example: We’ll Meet Again and The White Cliffs of Dover
  • Instead of wearing red, white and blue clothes, you could dress up as if you were living in the 1940s


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