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Wednesday 10th June


1. Read and listen to two poems

  • Read The Language of Cat and Russian Doll.
  • Read each poem twice – once in your head and once out loud.
  • How are these poems similar? How are they different? Do you prefer one? Why?
  • Listen to Rachel Rooney (the poet) read the poems. Did they sound as you expected? Did you notice anything new when you heard them?

2. Annotate the poems

  • Read Useful Poetry Terms.
  • Annotate the poems to show which of these features you find.

3.  Write a paragraph about one of the poems

  • Plan a paragraph about some of the features that you found in either of the poems.  
  • Use the prompts to help you plan what you are going to write.

Maths: Linked to BBC Bitesize Learning


  • Read the version of Psalm 139 below.
  • What does this psalm tell you about the person and their relationship with God?
  • What does it tell you about how God knows the person?
  • Note down words and phrases that you like the best and explain why they might be important.
  • Write your own version of Psalm 139.
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