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Wednesday, 13th May

Adjectives and Adverbs


As you know, adjectives tell us more about a noun.  


the bright rainbow


a lost dog


a lonely grandmother



Adverbs are words that describe verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.


I quickly ate my lunch.


The pudding was really tasty.


He didn't do very well.


1) Task 1 - Underline (or write a list in your book)  the adjectives in the phrases below.


Melissa's aggressive dog              a rare species              a dismal day          purple spots


cheeky chicken          unusual ideas        crazy hair            cool music        small socks


2) Task 2 - Identify the adverbs below.  Write down if the adverbs are describing a verb or an adjective


He played well.


The party was bitterly disappointing.


The car was incredibly dirty.


Louise cheerfully waved to us.


Sam seems extremely pleased.


3) Add adverbs and adjectives to the passage from The Tin Forest Below


There once was a place, near to nowhere and close to forgotten.  It was filled with things that nobody wanted.  In the middle was a house with windows that looked out onto rubbish and the weather.  In the house live a man.  He tidied the rubbish in the day and at night he dreamed that he lived in a forest with animals, birds and plants, like tree frogs, toucans and tigers.



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