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Wednesday 20th May



LO: Can rewrite a blog using formal language in the passive voice?


1. Read a blog post

  • Read the blog post: 10 Naughty things that dogs do
  • Which of these things would you say is the naughtiest?
  • Which would you say is the least naughty?
  • Which do you think is the most amusingly described? Why?


2. Revise active and passive voice

  • Use the Revision Card to remind yourself about how the active and passive voice are constructed and used.
  • Complete Active to Passive/Informal to Formal activity. Write sentences in the passive voice and think of more formal synonyms for some informal vocabulary.


3.  Now for some writing

  • Re-write one of the paragraphs from the 10 Naughty Things blogpost much more formally. Change active to passive and use more formal vocabulary.
  • Read the Writing Example given to see how this might sound.

Revision Card: Active and Passive Voice

Writing Example: Use this for reference before starting your blog.


Continue working through your SAT's CGP books.

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