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Wednesday 22nd April



Task 1: Times Tables

This week, I would like you to practise your times tables using multiplication wheels; helping you to build on our missing number problems. Mark with the answer sheet to spot any mistakes!


Task 2: Maths - Fractions

Our current unit in Maths is 'Fractions'. Use the sheet to practise your fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Remember to keep your resilience and determination! 

The answer sheet is attached in a PDF for you to mark with your parent. Like we do in school, it is always good to use some time after to have another go at something you may have found difficult and want to correct!



Task 1: Spelling

Today, I would like you to practise another set of homophones using your look, cover and check strategy. Self mark your dictation.


Task 2: English (This week, to begin the Term, you will be completing a series of short booster tasks to recap your Grammar devices)

You will be practising your present perfect tense. This builds on our simple past - it means that an action has started in the past but continues in the present. For example, I went to school / I have been to school. I have set an interactive activity on Purple Mash if you would like to have a go; followed by completing the worksheet. 

Mark with the answers attached.

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