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Topic task 20.5.20 (using powerpoint and additional research ifpossible) Look at slide 5. With your A4 card in portrait, fold in halffrom top to bottom. Use the template to mark the shape of theroof and the door. Cut these away to make your shelter (with thehinge at the top). Use the template again on your A5 sheet ofcorrugated silver card. Stick the corrugated card onto your hingedwhite card (optional!!). Open your shelter. Your task is to design the inside ofyour shelter. On the lower section draw everything you wouldhave inside and how it would look. Remember you will need tosleep there, stay warm and comfortable, eat, drink and pass thetime without getting bored. There would be no electricity, nophones, no battery toys or devices and only a potty for a toilet! Ifyou have time, use the top section to write a paragraph to explainwhat would happen in an air raid and how it would feel to live inthe shelter

Suffix (ly) powerpoint- read through the spellings and rules for ly suffixes!

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