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Whole School Religious Easter Tasks

“‘He has been raised from the dead, and indeed he is going ahead of you to Galilee; there you will see him.’…So they left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy...”

Matthew 28: 7-8


How perfectly Matthew captures the essence of our encounter with the empty tomb! We are fearful yet overjoyed. Through the season of Lent we were invited to unite our sufferings with the suffering of our Lord. The old self had to change, like the grain of wheat in the parable, so that it could yield a rich harvest (John 12:24). Therefore, the Easter season is the time of reaping. Our tears turn to joy as we see that the stone has been rolled away, the tomb is empty, the wrappings of burial and death are left behind, the Master is risen, and he is inviting us to share his resurrected life.


How can new life inspire us in prayer?

What new life will you bring into your life, your community and your relationships?

How will you praise and show gratitude to God?

Take time over the Easter Holidays to join in prayer, share gratitude to God and bring Jesus' Resurrection to life in your home. 

Below are a selection of activities that you may choose to do. We would love to see what you create so please do send these to your class teacher or to Miss Cole:

Bring Jesus' Resurrection to life in your home. Create your own Resurrection Garden using signs of God's Creation.

Create Breath Prayers for COVID-19

“Breath of God, fill me.”

“Holy One, protect us.” 

“Loving Healer, enfold us.”


These simple, one-liners are called breath prayers. Since the coronavirus attempts to attack a person’s lungs and their ability to breathe, prayers with references to God as Breath, Life, and Spirit are truly special to use now. Using the template above, share what you want God to fill you with. For example; with strength to support others at this difficult time. 

Create a piece of Art to represent the miracle of Easter

Bring the Resurrection Symbols to life:



The most popular symbol is the egg, which seems to be lifeless but then breaks open to release new life.



The lily is another common symbol. A dry and lifeless-looking bulb blossoms into one of the most beautiful flowers on earth.



Another symbol of the Resurrection comes from Greek mythology. The phoenix was a bird that fell to earth and burned, and yet from its ashes arose another bird. Jesus' executioners destroyed his earthly life, but a new and more glorious life came about as a result of his resurrection. Artists sometimes show this as an eagle rising out of a flame. 



The peacock has a spectacularly beautiful tail, which loses its beauty during the molting season. But when the molting season ends, a new and more beautiful tail appears. The allusion in this symbol is to the fact that through the Resurrection Christ's life became more beautiful than ever.

Be Inventive - Create your own Easter song or rap!

Design and create an Easter card to share joy or make your own Cross to give as a gift!

Easter in Another Place: Create a cross made from creative items

Coronavirus: Reflect and Pray for our neighbours at this time

Write a prayer or letter to Fr. Alex and send it to

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