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Writing at St. Gregory's

At St Gregory’s, our creative approach to the teaching of writing encourages the children to develop a love of writing and the necessary skills that are needed to become a confident and independent writer. 

We have developed our own, systematic approach to the teaching of reading and writing skills, which we have called the Sequence of Learning. Each teaching sequence is based around one core text (which links to the class topic) and follows a three-part structure: learning about the text, practising writing and independent writing. Within each teaching sequence, the pupils will be exposed to a range of different writing opportunities, such as, writing: narratives, diary entries, autobiographies, non-chronological reports and poetry.


Part One: Learning about the Text

During this part of the sequence, reading skills are taught. Each sequence will contain some, or all, of the following: a hook into the text, reading and responding to the text, comprehension activities (including inference and prediction), re-telling the text, talking about the text, role-play linked to the text, vocabulary work, analysing and summarising the text. 


Part Two: Practising Writing

During this part of the sequence, pupils learn about and practise using a range of grammatical features from the National Curriculum. The teaching of grammar is carefully planned so that it is never taught in isolation; pupils are always given the opportunity to apply the grammatical feature(s) that they have been taught in sustained pieces of writing, independently. They are also encouraged to generate ideas to write about through speaking and listening activities, record key ideas alongside the structure of the text and story-map the text where necessary. Pupils may also work in Learning Partners or small groups to complete shared-writing activities.


Part Three: Independent Writing

During this part of the sequence, pupils plan their own content to write about, draft their writing and proof-read and edit their writing to improve it. Pupils are taught and given the opportunity to practise their proof-reading and editing skills from Year One and they develop these skills within each year group as they progress through the school.  




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