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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School ‘We love, learn and grow with Jesus.’

Year 1

Welcome to Year One!

In Year One we are courageous, kind, caring, patient and amazing!




Our teacher is Miss Turner and our teaching assistant is Mrs Joseph. 

We are SO excited to share lots of interesting information and amazing photos about what we have been learning in Year One. Please scroll down to look at our latest photos and information. 


Our Gospel Values this half term are: Curious and Active 

                Learning Goals: Week of 14th September 2020


English: Can I identify senses in a picture?

Maths: Can I begin to find one more than numbers to 10?

R.E: Can I retell St. Francis' life? 

Topic: Can I explain the myth of Icarus and Daedalus?

Science: Can I begin to name the properties everyday materials?

Phonics: Can I recognise the 'j' and 'w' phonemes?

Spanish: Can I listen carefully and begin to recognise the Spanish numbers to 5? 

Important Information:

Reading Books: Book change day is a Friday. Your child will receive 2 reading books each Firday. One book will focus on the phonemes (sounds) your child has learnt in school each week and the other will be selected by your child from the school library. Please re-read these books to support your child with building up their fluency and confidence in word reading. If you would like further support with strategies for supporting your child’s reading at home then please do come and see me, I am more than happy to help. 

PE: We have PE on Wednesdays. Please make sure your child wears their full, named PE kit to school. 


Swimming: We have swimming on Thursdays. Please make sure your child brings in their full, named swimming kit to school. 

COOL (Carry On Our Learning): Year One will receive their COOL Time Tasks every Friday and must be returned to school on the following Wednesday. The children will receive a maths, fine motor and mindfulness task each week in their COOL Time Task book. 

Homework Information 18.09.20
Mindfullness Video


Our First Topic Is: 

Flying and Famous for more than Five Minutes! 

Here is our fascinating facts sheet, with all the information your child will be learning in Topic before Christmas. 
R.E and Catholic Life 
To celebrate St. Gregory's Feast Day, Year One took part in a virtual Mass with Father Alex and created their own craft representations of St. Gregory. 
Useful Links/Apps

QR Code Reader:

Scan the QR Codes and click 'open in browser' to take you to the websites. 


     Letters and Sounds                A great Youtube             Phase 3 Phonics Sounds

Government Phonics Guidelines       Channel for Phonics




                                    Teach My Monster to Read 

                                   A brilliant free phonics game  


Further on in the year I will post optional flashcards on Quizlet!

Phonics Vowels: 

On this free app, the children can select a phoneme and explore spelling different words that include it. The app provides you with letters to chose from to help. 

Simplex Spelling Light:

On this free app, the children can select an appropriate phoneme. Words containing that phoneme are then read aloud to the children, which they can then spell using the letters provided. The words are also put into a sentence.

Phonics Play

Year One enjoy using the website Phonics Play, which has many free resources, during phonics lessons to revist previously learnt sounds. Year One particularly like the game Obb and Bobb and Pick the Picture

Math Bingo: 

On this app, the children can answer different maths questions to achieve BINGO! Warning: There are adverts on the bottom of the screen. 

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