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PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

Welcome to St. Gregory's PTA Page

Our aim is to work together, as parents and teachers, to enhance the quality of education for all pupils at St. Gregory's. Throughout each academic year, we plan and lead events to raise money. This money is then used to benefit the learning experiences for every child at St. Gregory's.


Meet the PTA Team

All members of staff, the Local Governing Body and parents or guardians of children at St. Gregory's are members of the PTA. There are four Officers who lead the PTA and they take different roles.

From left to right: Hela is our Treasurer, Kasia is our Secretary, Gemma is our Chair and Cat is our Vice-Chair. 

To read more about the roles of our Officers, click here:

How Much Have We Raised?

Below, you will find a summary of the profit from each event so far this academic year (2021-22).

How Have We Supported The School?

Below, you will find a summary of the items we've purchased and ways that we have supported the school this year.


Contact Us!

Our Officers are very welcoming and friendly. If you'd like to contact them, please email:


They are always keen to gain your thoughts and ideas for upcoming events.


PTA Meeting Minutes

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