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Tuesday 16th June

Today's Zoom


Your Zoom invite will be uploaded on Monday onto the Year 6 Class Dojo page.


Before today's Zoom, please check your secondary school website to see what equipment you will need to take with you.


Please print the 2 documents below, you will need these for today's session.


1. Watch the video-message again

  • Watch Laura Smyth’s message again. Follow the link below to take you to Monday's page.  What do you notice new when you watch it this time?
  • Look at the Film-Stills.
  • Where in the message do you think these come?
  • What emotions do you think that Laura is showing in each of these stills?

Film Stills

2. Investigate emotions

  • Read Emotion Words.
  • Circle and then find out about five words that you don’t know. Remember you could use a dictionary to help you!
  • In your exercise book write down the definitions in your own words.
  • Choose and write 3-5 Emotion Words for each of the pictures on Film-Stills.

3. Write and perform your own message

  • Choose three of your ideas from Day 1.
  • Try speaking about them out loud.
  • Then write a script to use.
  • Perform your script.
  • Make a recording if you can and plan to watch it again in six months’ time.

Ancient Greece - Myth Busters

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